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This course , Warm Hearted Family, deals with building the kind of social foundation which can bring about peace and happiness by starting with the smallest social unit which is the family.It involves creating love and happiness in the family, how to raise and teach children and teens, the role played by each member of the family, how to protect the family from Apayamukha (Causes of Ruin), how to instill Buddhist moral values and love for Buddhism in children so that they can take on the responsibility of supporting and growing Buddhism in the future.

This coursehas been designed such that the student can readily apply what he has learnt in this course to his own family, to the families of his relatives and friends as well as those of everyone he knows.The more people understand how to create happiness in the family, the more possibility there will be of creating a happy and peaceful society.


This courseaims to teach the student the Dhamma Principles which enable its practitioner and those close to him to meet with happiness.It aims to teach the student the value, the benefits, and the positive results of cultivating Buddhist moral values and Buddhist practices at the family level such that the student can be inspired to put what he has learnt into practice and to continue improving his practice of the Dhamma Principles as described in this course .

Expectations and Assessments

  1. Engaging in all components of each day comprised of videos, readings: 35%
  2. A final the multiple choice exam for the course: 65%
  3. Complete the 100 multiple choice questions exam after completing 60% of the online lesson
  4. Certificate candidates must complete at least 60% of expectations.

Course: Warm Hearted Family

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Study Duration : 31 Dec 2021 - 5 Mar, 2022
Assessment Examination : 13- 21 Mar, 2022
Grade out: 17 April,2022

Evaluation - Multiple Choices examination 100 questions / Complete 90% in online VDO study.

Study and receive a certificate for 1500 Bath per subject.

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