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General Requirements for Diploma Program

Module 1: Buddhist Purpose in Life.

GL101E Buddhist Cosmology 

GL102E The Hereafter

GL203E The Law of Kamma

GL204E Buddhahood

GL305E Exemplary Conduct of Root Teachers of the Dhammakaya Tradition

Module 2 : Meditation

MD101E Meditation 1: Basic Knowledge of Meditation

MD102E Meditation 2: Principles of Meditation Practice

MD203E Meditation 3: Obstacles in Meditation Practice & How to Overcoming Them

MD204E Meditation 4: Dhammakaya Meditation Techniques

Module 3: Essential Buddhist Knowledge

GB101E Fundamental Knowledge of Buddhism

GB102E Recipe for Success in Life-Development

GB203E Recipe for Success in of World Social-Development

GB304E Recipe for Success in Organizational & Economic Development

GB405E The History of Buddhism

GB406E The Sciences as Explained in the Buddhist Scriptures (Tipitaka) 

GB410E The Lord Buddha’s Approach to Good Health

Module 4: Buddhist Lifestyle And Module 5: The Good Friend & Their Duty

SB101E The Buddhist Way of Life 

SB202E The Buddhist Culture

SB303E Blueprint for Buddhist Training 

SB304E Monastic Lifestyle

DF101E The Good Friend & His or Her Duty 

DF404E The Fundamentals of Different Religions

Module 6: Pre-Degree And

Module 7: Practice Experience

PD001E Warm Hearted Family

PD004E The Buddhist Manual

PD006E The Master Plan Of the Dhamma

PD008E The Buddha’s Teachings II

PE101E  Training the Trainers 1

PE102E Training the Trainers 2